Ignite meaningful innovations in learning

What we do

Bridging the gap between education and technology


We create professional learning programs for schools and other educational institutions who are working on becoming exemplars of successful technology integration.

Tech companies

We also provide consultancy services, such as strategic planning and curriculum development, to tech companies who are passionate about creating significant educational products.


We design workshops and short courses for teachers who continuously hone their knowledge and skills in using technology and other innovative strategies in their classrooms.

About Us

We are a team of educators and lifelong learners
Our process is research and experience-based

Woohoo Learning Lab was created to act as a space for building a community of people who are passionate about using technology to enhance learning within and beyond the four walls of the classroom.

We believe that a culture of learning leads to effective and meaningful innovations in teaching. In today’s digital age, technology is now an integral part of our lives and is beginning to play a bigger role in our classrooms. To keep pace with the fast-changing development of new tools and resources, teachers must become learners themselves: to know why, how and when these can be used for better teaching and learning

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